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Looking for a Chiropractor in Brick NJ?

We are proud to say that we have been providing Chiropractic Care for patients in Brick, NJ for over 30 years! Our community is a great place to live if you love being active all year long. So if you are an active person, you understand just how important it is to exercise, have a balanced diet and make sure your body is functioning on an optimum level. 

Thankfully, here at the Back and Neck Center of Brick, we provide a “Total Body Wellness” approach that differs from other Chiropractors. Our Doctors take the time to get to know our patients so we can recommend the best Chiropractic treatment plan along with some lifestyle changes that could make all the difference. 

Our Chiropractic Care

Our patients mean the world to us.  So when they leave our office we ask ourselves two questions:

  1. Did they leave feeling better and healthier then when they walked in?
  2. Are they happy and satisfied with their experience. 

The answer to those two questions must always be, YES.

Our Doctors spend ample time with you to listen and gain a better understanding of your condition. Once we know where you’re experiencing discomfort, it’s time for X-Rays. Here at the Back and Neck Center of Brick, we have onsite Digital X-Ray equipment that will ensure a proper diagnosis so we can recommend specific treatment based on your condition. 

Cold Laser Therapy Brick NJ

In addition to Chiropractic Care, we also provide some of the latest in Pain Relief Technologies. Our office provides patients with Cold Laser Therapy, onsite. Cold Laser Therapy is a a FDA approved therapy that is mostly used by Chiropractors and Physical therapists to reduce pain and inflammation.  Here are some of the common conditions we treat with this therapy:

  • Neck Pain
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Muscle Strains
  • and so much more


Do you suffer with chronic pain? If so, you must experience the power of Cryotherapy. The Back and Neck Center of Brick is proud to be the only Chiropractic office in New Jersey to offer Cryofos Cryotherapy! Many patients report near immediate pain relief once the therapy begins. 

Contact our Brick, NJ office if you would like to see if Cold Laser  Therapy or Cryotherapy are the Answer for you!

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