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Chiropractic for Senior Citizens

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Health for Senior Citizens

Mobility can often be an issue for older people, especially if they sometimes experience neck or back pain. At Back and Neck Center, we offer selected services designed just for senior citizens. These treatment regimens can increase mobility and can provide you with added options for dealing with arthritis, joint pain and other common effects of the aging process.

Options for Arthritis Treatment

We can provide targeted solutions for joint pain caused by arthritis and overuse. While not all types of arthritis respond to chiropractic treatments, our team can work to create solutions that can reduce pain and increase your mobility. This can often allow you to feel more comfortable and to achieve a higher degree of mobility in your everyday life.

Joint Stress Disorders

Repetitive stress disorders can occur at any age. For older people who have already experienced a lifetime of physical activities, however, these problems may be much more common. Pain in the knees, shoulders, hips and elbows can often be attributed to the cumulative effects of previous traumas and the damage to joints and cartilage that can result from these repeated impacts or activities.  We offer the most practical and effective chiropractic solutions for the needs of senior citizens in our area.

Evaluating Your Physical Health

On your first visit to Back and Neck Center, we will ask about all your current health conditions, medications and physical complaints. This can provide our team with the information needed to create the right options for your treatment plan, which may include some or all of the following:

  • Improving your diet and cutting out unhealthy foods
  • Engaging in regular exercise to strengthen muscles
  • Regular adjustments in our office to ensure the highest degree of mobility
  • Treatments designed specifically to promote enhanced flexibility and resilience

Our office will work with you and your family members to determine the right course of action for your treatment plan. We can provide gentle massage therapies, spinal column adjustments and many other options designed specifically to suit your needs and to promote the health of older adults in our area.